The story of the Patriot Jr. and the Patriot 55 is on it’s way…


Back in 2013, Amped Equipment (a division of Black Cat Inc.) developed the first generation of  “The Patriot Jr.” (PJR) dual component, low rise foam, mobile adhesive spray rig. The machine was a big success locally. In 2016 the PJR received a complete makeover to feature the new look AMPED GREEN color scheme. The national marketplace quickly took notice. With it’s lightweight and incredibly small design, this machine replaces the bag-in-box carts and allows users the options spray or bead dispensing with 15 gallon drums (without a pricey conversation kit) Designed to offset the price points of fleece back and insulation costs, the Patriot Jr. is the bridge between more cost effective materials (bulk) and faster labor rates. The PJR has proven to take on even the largest spray rigs with rates of installation being clocked at 40 feet in 56 seconds. (6” beads set to 5 of 10 on the pressure control)

Flexibility is the key to the Patriot Jr. Compact enough to fit through a 32” doorway, the PJR can squeeze it’s way onto a freight elevator if required. It comes standard with 4 “D” rings for easy rooftop loading via crane. The Patriot Jr. is built with rooftop / job-site restrictions in mind as it ships standard with 50’ of hose and can push an additional 50’ (100 feet max recommended). This amount of hose limits the amount of movement required on this lightweight rig. If the PJR needs to be relocated, the cart can easily be moved using the no-flat heavy duty tires that come standard. (similar to a dual tires wheel barrow) Another great feature is the PJR-V Adhesive gun system that comes standard. This bead applicator allows users to easily manage the adhesive flow with a simple “on-off” control that is both left and right handed. Cleaning is as simple as using a drill bit (included) and the curved extension with comfort grip helps minimize fatigue. Colder season aren’t a problem for the Patriot Jr. as there are many heating options available, including heat blankets, hose warmers and hot boxes all available as options.

The Patriot Jr. mobile adhesive cart was so impressive that it was included in this years Carlisle/Versico Rebate program. For more details on this incredible program, contact your local representative today or visit

Let the Patriot Jr. change the way you think about foam adhesive projects. In the upcoming season a new addition called the PATRIOT 55 will be added to the Amped Equipment family. Designed with the same high standards you have come to expect from the Patriot Jr., with the option of extremely cost effective 55 gallon drums. The new cart will serve as both an add-on for existing Patriot Jr. owners and also a stand alone option. More information will be revealed in the upcoming months. For current and up to date cut-sheets, videos and data, visit us online at or call us at 800.620.7928.