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This beauty is a real AMPED celebrity!

Good Monday Morning EVERYONE! The award for best new product goes to. . .
PATRIOT JR. Hurry, this beauty is a celebrity… and everyone wants to have her on their project.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.07.54 AM.png


The new AMPED GREEN Patriot Jr.

Why the PJR?

  • Big Savings from DAY ONE
  • Simple to Use
  • High Production
  • Low Maintenance
  • Minimal Waste
  • Ultra Compact
  • Balanced Component RatiosIt’s the fleeceback and insulation dual foam adhesive dispensing cart that’s taking the industry by storm. Unit ships with custom cover, Graco Reactor E-8p, 50 feet of hose and the custom Patriot Jr. VEE Manifold. With it’s PATENT PENDING design see why Bob Ganter of Robert Ganter Contractors in Quakertown, PA said… “Once you use the Patriot Jr. you’ll never go back to other machine.”

    Contact us today at 800-620-7928 for more information.PJR_Front_Angled


Patriot Jr. VEE Manifold


Thank you to all the visitors at the 2016 International Roofing Expo.

It was a great show. The Patriot Jr. made a big splash all week. We appreciate everyone stopping by our booth. Feel free to contact us at 800-610-7928 for more information.

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She is ready to go another day at the IRE show. But hurry!

The show has been a huge success. The Patriot Jr. is a celebrity. Call us today for more information. We thank all the visitors!

Packed house!


Introducing the 2016 AMPED GREEN PATRIOT JR. 

 See us live at the International Roofing Expo at Booth 1831.

It’s go time!


Coming this Wednesday (2/17) at 11am!


Under AMPED GREEN wraps

The PJR Vee Manifold gets a refresh… (new AMPED GREEN coming this Wednesday)

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.21.58 PM


Adhesive flow is the key to 2 part adhesive application. If the manifold becomes clogged precious production time is lost. With the Vee Manifold, the flow path is straight so that a drill can quickly and easily restore flow to clogged tubes.

Coming this Wednesday in AMPED GREEN! Now designed for right and left handed installers.


Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

• Straight flow path reduces clogging and allows for easy clean out
• Production back up and running in seconds not hours
• Eliminates daily start up and shut down procedures
• 12” Drill bit provided
• Length adjustable handle
• Economical and durable
• Saves downtime

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