Live at the MRCA!

Come and see the Patriot Jr. live at the MRCA in Columbus, Ohio from October 31 – Nov 2. We will be in booth 502. We look forward to sharing all the benefits of this machine, with you.


Check out these savings.

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Current owner of the previous Patriot Jr. models? Time to get green!

We have an upgrade special on the Patriot Jr. for owners of the previous editions. Call 800.620.7928 for more info! Ask for Richard or Mark. Upgrade package includes PATRIOT JR. CART ONLY with PJR Vee Manifold, drum fittings / connections, custom nozzles for PJR Vee Manifold – ALL FOR $1499.00 – Offer is valid for previous Patriot Jr. cart owners. Does not include pump, generator or hoses. UPGRADE NOW!

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Basic PATRIOT JR. and PJR VEE overview with Richard Moore

Meet the makers.

Creators of the Patriot Jr. Richard Moore and Chip Everhardt showing off one of the Patents. Congrats gentlemen! Great product from a great team.

What do you see here?



“One Patriot Jr. is doing the work of… and out performing TWO other carts”

200k in roofing project savings in less than 2 weeks.

This beauty is saving roofing companies tons of money. Across the nation!
10 machines out the door in 5 business days. The machines will end up saving our clients (and theirs) almost 200k. The Patriot Jr. is changing the industry – one project at a time.
Call us today to discuss your order. 800.620.7928

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$150,000 plus… in materials savings.



Very successful show for the Patriot Jr. at Western States Roofing Expo. We helped save over $150,000 in materials for the happy roofing companies that purchased machines from us in the last 2 days. How many machines? FIVE!!! Five machines helped saved that much money. It is changing the industry. (that’s just materials!!!!) The labor is another story! Call us today to discuss. 800.620.7928 – We can help you do the math.
Thank you to our friends at Cleasby to help out with the booth. This was a great show and we are thrilled! NOW ON TO FLORIDA for the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Expo.

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The Patriot Jr.’s best mate!

The PATRIOT JR. VEE MANIFOLD by Rooftop Equipment. The industries premier adhesive bead application gun. Included with a purchase of the pace setting PATRIOT JR. mobile adhesive dispensing cart.
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.41.33 AM.png

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Patriot Jr. to be featured at Western Roofing Expo in Las Vegas at booth 515.


Great news. The hottest fleece back and insulation adhesive dispensing cart – The PATRIOT JR. will be featured at the WESTERN STATES ROOFING EXPO in LAS VEGAS. We are there from June 12th until June 14th. We are very happy to be in booth 515 with our friends from Cleasby Manufacturing. Check out Cleasby at

Make sure you checkout our newest ads in NRCA Magazine – May 2016 (coming soon) and June 2016 (coming soon) in addition to NRCA weekly email blasts starting on April 19th and running Tuesdays and Thursdays though Western States in June. Make sure you check out NRCA online at

The AMPED EQUIPMENT team is very proud of the Patriot Jr. as it  has been setting the pace in the industry with it’s ease of use and user friendly design. We are currently updating our available videos with new “how-to”, “setups” and “proper maintenance”. Some of this material is exclusive and not available to public. If you would like access to these valuable video resources, please contact Richard Moore at 215.329.3741 – You can also email us at (we will make sure you get access to the videos you are looking for)


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